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60 and 72 inch round dining room tables

When you want a round dining table that will seat as many people as possible a 60 or 72 inch diameter table is a great solution.

Seating Capacity

60 inch round table

a 60 inch round table is almost 16 feet around. Which allows you to seat 6 people comfortably and if needed you can squeeze in 1 or 2 more people. Many of the 60 inch tables can have leaves added. In our case each leaf is 12 inches wide and when you put it in the table you can seat 1 more person. So in the standard 60 inch diameter you can seat 6 - 8 people, with 1 leaf in you can seat 7 - 9 people and with 2 leaves added you can seat 8 - 10 people.

72 inch round table

The 72 inch round table is so big that you cannot add leaves. There just isn't a base large enough to support things properly as of yet. But that may change. So if you don't need to worry about possibly seating more than 7 - 9 people, which is the number of people that will fit around it, then this size of table is for you.


Table Bases

Dining tables of this size have to have a bit more when it comes to the size and strength of the base under it. That is why certain styles of pedestal just are not available in such large sizes. But that is not to say that there isn't a wide variety available. You can get everything from simple country designs in both the single and double pedestals to mission, shaker and even a contemporary style or 2 as well.

Single Pedestals options for the 60 inch round dining table

Colonial, country and turned style pedestals

  • Conference table base which is 13 inches in diameter and available in either a turned colonial design or an unturned mission style
  • Traditional pedestal which has plenty of options from simple country turnings to fluting's that give it a much more formal and elegant look
  • Potbelly pedestal which has a large round section in the center of the pedestal. You can get it in the plain version or the fluted
  • Hampton pedestal which has a large section just above the flat base with curled bun feet that rounds over and goes straight up to the bottom of the table

Mission style pedestals

  • The mission pedestal is what is often referred to as an X base because it's 2 flat sections that cross each other vertically giving the feet on the floor an X shape
  • Unturned mission pedestal just as it sounds this is the same pedestal that the turned pedestals are made from. It has very straight clean lines that give it the heavy mission look

Contemporary bases

  • The Carlisle base has 4 legs that start at the floor curve into the center and then curve back out toward the edges of the table top.
  • The Calodonia base starts from the edges of the table top and curve inward to the floor where they sit on top of a flat 4 spoke base

Leg options for 60 inch round dining table

  • The Georgetown has legs that curve inward from the edge of the table and then back outward to the floor. Each leg tapers as it goes down.
  • Just about any other leg can be added to a round top but most of the will have a square skirt under the table which may not give you the desired look

Single Pedestal Options for The 72 inch round dining table

  • Conference table base which is 13 inches across can be turned giving it that classic country almost antique look and the unturned mission design which has clean heavy lines fitting of such a large table

Double pedestal options available

  • Traditional pedestal that can be plain or fluted
  • Potbelly pedestal which has a large circular bulb in the center which is also available in the plain or fluted designs
  • 8 sided unturned mission pedestals
  • 6 sided mission pedestals
  • 4 sided square pedestals

Other base options

  • The traditional base is something between legs and a trestle. The legs come straight down from about 1/3 of the way under the table and join to a shelf that has feet which angle out to the sides. The traditional base is available in a turned style which really gives it that farm table look or you can get it with unturned square posts and feet that lend itself more toward and mission style home.
  • Trestle bases can also be used to support either the 60 or 72 tables. What they do is shorten the bar separating the 2 ends making it square. This can really give your table a look that no one else has. The trestles available to use as the markley, the modesto, the westlake and the country shaker
All in all a 60 or 72 inch round table is a great table for your kitchen or dining room.
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