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Breakfast Nooks

When it comes to making the most of limited space nooks are a great solution. Restaurants choose booth seating like this because it's the most efficient use of space. Corner nooks give you the same option in your kitchen while keeping it piece of beautiful furniture that adds to your decor making it even more inviting.

In many kitchens and small dining rooms the corners are the most under utilized areas. In some cases it almost seems that all you have is corners! In such hard to furnish spaces corner nooks take all the guess work out and give you maximum flexibility and seating.
Breakfast nooks come in quite a few different styles from traditional to mission, shaker and even designs that are very modern. In most cases a nook consists of 5 pieces: 2 storage benches that sit against the wall, a corner bench that fits between the 2 main benches, a table which comes in pedestal or trestle styles and a simple locker bench. The benches cover 3 sides of the table leaving the one end open where you can easily put chairs or even another small bench.

Nook Benches

When you don't have much or enough storage you'll really appreciate the built in storage most nook benches have. Typically the storage is under the seat and 6 or 12 inches deep. Though there are some with 16 inches of storage available. While not very common some of the locker benches can have storage as well. In all cases the seat lifts so you can get into the storage compartment.

If you have children the locker benches along the outside of the table allow you to seat more kids than you would be able to with chairs.

Nook Tables

Table selection for comfortable seating in a nook is critical. Leg tables make it very difficult to get in and out easily. This is why you will only find pedestal and trestle bases offered. The reason for this is that there's nothing on the corners to stop you from sliding in or out. If you're trying to fit the most people possible in your nook a pedestal table is generally the best way to go because the pedestal is out of the way under the center of the table. Where as the trestle table has supports that can get in the way and make someone sit with their knees on either side of it.
In most cases a rectangular top will give you the best seating options, but it can make it hard to use the corner seat especially for a kid. So if you plan on using that seat an oval top may be the way to go, just keep in mind that you wont get more than 1 person on each end.


Padding a nook set is pretty common with a few options available. The cushions can either be attached or loose, with the loose being the most flexible. The loose padding is attached to the seats and backs with velcro. Upholstery choices range from simple fabrics to microfiber and leather.

Color Options

When it come to selecting the color for your nook the sky is the limit! From the classic stains like S-2 or Honey to black or espresso for that modern look your nook can be built and stained or painted the way you want it.
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