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About the Staff at Amish Direct Furniture

We have been located at 42200 Mound Road Sterling Heights, Michigan since we opened our doors in August of '99. Since that time we have dedicated ourselves to exceptional customer service. Over the years we have become experts at the Customization of the Amish Furniture that we sell. Because of the length of time we have been in business and the strong relationships we have developed in the Amish community we can Proudly say that we have almost 200 builders that build and customize furniture for us. We pride ourselves on making sure that you understand the furniture you buy. We do everything we can to make sure you get the furniture you want and will fit your lifestyle perfectly.
We have a 14k sq ft building that is crammed packed with all kinds of furniture from bedroom suites to dining sets to bookcase & desks. The showroom itself is 5000 sq ft and we have to store customers purchases that are ready for delivery.
Our Staff currently consists of 3 exceptionally knowledgeable people.

  • Jason- Website Management and ex- owner. He sold Amish Furniture Online before opening the showroom. He truly understands the unique challenges that are faced when placing orders over the internet.
    In his own words. "I'm a blue collar guy selling white collar furniture. I've shed a lot of sweat & blood (Literally! You should see my right index finger....) for this business and I take great pride in it. I've been told by many successful business executives that I'm too nice for business. That I should save myself lots of heartache & pain and find something else to do because I take business too personally. Well I do take this business personally. On the rare occasion that something goes wrong I loose sleep over it trying to figure out the best way to get it taken care of and make that customer happy. The personal touch and actually caring is what we're all about. It's the reason that we've survived these troubling economic times and are actually thriving in them. I love Amish built furniture! It's one of the few things anymore that is truly American made and I stand behind everything we sell 100%."
    "On a more personal note I LOVE fishing, especially musky fishing, weightlifting and I listen to really heavy metal. While not quite what you'd expect from the owner of a high end furniture store I can and will do everything in my power to get you the furniture you've always dreamed of."
  • Tami- The Sales Manager and Ex -owner has has been working with the company for a several years now and really understands decorating and the best way to compliment any room. Tami is always happy to discuss decorating options if you need any help or advice.
    Tami is an avid gamer and dog lover. With her help we often donate time and resources to local animal shelters.
  • Duane- our dedicated salesman and now new Owner. Duane has been with us since early 2010 and his understanding of what Amish furniture is all about has grown considerably in that time. While he may not know everything there is to know just yet he can and will find out the answer. Amish furniture takes many years to truly master and he is progressing very well.
    Duane is an avid golfer and car buff with an insiders perspective as a one time owner of a car parts business. This experience really gives him an eye toward exceptional customer service.